Saturday, May 26, 2007

Knitting Reality Check

I've come to realize that I am completely irrational when it comes to projects. I have never been a monogamous sewer or knitter but things have really gotten out of control. I'm not talking about simply stockpiling yarn, fabric, patterns, etc. I'm talking about having too many projects going at once. I decided to inventory again since I haven't made great progress on the UFOs that I identified at the beginning of the year. I've only completed ONE of the items on that list yet I've started TEN new projects since then. To my credit, I have finished seven of them. I am taking a serious look at my projects and the likelihood that I will finish them. I'm definitely going to finish five of them but the other five may be frogged, put on hold or considered to be long term. If you have any comments on what should stay or what should go, let me know.

Five that will definitely be finished:

Not sure about these three:

Date Started

Order to finish


Name of Yarn

Sep '06


Helix Hat

CottonEase - orange, black, white

May '07


Textured Dishcloth

sugar & cream - varigated green

Feb '07


Lion Cable Comfort Throw

Berrocco Ultra Alpaca - brown rice

Feb '07


Felted Clogs by Fiber Trends

Big Kureyon & Brown Patons Merino

Mar '06


Rowan Thunder Sweater

Rowan Plaid

Jul '06



Elann Sonata - green

Feb '06


Lace Heart Scarf

Ruby Red Kasula

Sep '06


Shedir Hat

Brown Sheep CF Tangerine

May '05



Knitpicks Andean Silk Cream

Jul '06


Chicknits Ribby Tank

Manos Cotton Stria


KnittyNancy said...

Life's too short to work on projects that you don't enjoy. I vote for just the projects that give you pleasure.

Allison said...

You have to finish your cozy! I put mine down for long periods of time but whenever I pick it up I love working on it! I'm too scared to make such a list . . . .

debbie said...

WOW -- look at how organized your are. A start date and status chart!!

In January I ripped out a bunch of projects I didn't like well enough at that point.

I don't see that round bag in there. Mine's 3/4's done. It's a real pain to cast on.