Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More baby sewing

And this isn't even for my daughter's baby! But her boss just adopted a little boy and she wanted to give her a hand-made gift. I offered to make yet another bathrobe like these and this and this. While we were picking out the bathrobe fabric, my daughter saw some University of Cincinnati fabric that she liked. Both she and her husband graduated from UC so we picked up a yard with no specific idea in mind. On our way home, she asked me to make a bib for her co-worker's baby in addition to the robe.

I don't love all these teeny tiny seams and corners but whaddya gonna do?

 I just noticed I took the photo before setting the little black snap on the bib.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Quilt Top Finished

I've never been fond of the actual quilting process and always find my results to be too amateur looking. So for Brady's quilt, I'm sending it to the quilt shop to do the quilting. I was happy to hear that I didn't even have to baste it; they are going to do that, too!

Here's a look at the finished top laid out on my cutting table.