Monday, July 25, 2011

Bella Mittens - Finally finished!

I finally finished the second Bella mitten yesterday. I started these cute mittens back in December. Got one finished quickly but I moved on to something else before I could get the second one done (this is why I'm not a sock knitter!) This pattern was designed to replicate the mittens worn by Kristin Stewart as Bella in the first Twilight movie:

I used some yarn I've had in my stash forever. I think I purchased it at a Fiberge sale when they were still in Terrace Park. It's a super bulky called Blizzard, made by Reynolds (65% Alpaca,
35% Acrylic). The yarn was simply too fat to force into this pattern. In addition to being so bulky, the yarn splits quite a bit so when it came time to do a "knit 3 tog", it was a physical challenge! But the finished mittens are comfy and pretty so I'm glad I persevered. More details at Ravelry. Although the original Bellas have a long cuff, halfway up the arm, I decided to go with the shorter cuff after reading reviews in which people mentioned it was difficult to get the long cuff ones on with a coat.

Here's my artsy Twilight shot. Hee hee.


SissySees said...

Love 'em!! I'm not a mitten girl, but those look awesome...

gMarie said...

Oh I bet you were sweltering taking those photos. So glad you are able to take 'working vacations' in Florida - I'm very jealous. g