Saturday, June 12, 2010

Valentine Sweater

My friends, Jen & Allison, and I decided right after Christmas that we all wanted to make sweaters. And in our competitive way, we quickly decided that a competition was in order. We decided to use the same yarn, Sublime Yarns angora Merino (pink for me, purple for them) but we each chose a different pattern. Mine was the Vine Yolk Cardigan designed by Ysolda Teague. Here is a photo of the finished sweater (excuse the hair; contrary to how it looks, I did not just roll out of bed in this photo!)

The goal was for all of us to finish by Valentine's Day but whoever got done first won a prize from the other two. Speedy Jen was the winner, completing hers in early February. I finished mine a week or so ago, just in time to wear to dinner with Allison in San Francisco!

We dined at The Boulevard and we all agreed it was a fantastic restaurant - food was terrific and the building was beautifully designed and decorated. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city.

It was so great to see Allison again! I wish we lived closer to each other!!