Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Two Knitting Projects complete

While on vacation last week, I finished not one but TWO knitting projects. Hooray for me - the queen of UFOs!! The first is a pair of Uggs-inspired booties; I fell in love with this pattern and just needed a baby to make them for. Fortunately, my dear friend cooperated and had a beautiful baby girl in August so she will get these booties for an early Christmas gift

The second project is a simple roll brim hat using a pattern from Knitpicks. Unfortunately, I decided it is too short so I'm going to undo it and add an inch. The yarn is Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande - heavenly soft!! As I was leaving a yarn store a few weeks ago, I walked by it and of course, as we all do, had to fondle a project made from it. SOLD!

More details on my Ravelry account for both the Uggs and the hat.


Allison said...

Those UGGS are soooooo cute! Love the purple hat. Too funny that you have to add an inch- I have to pull out Horsey Girl's holiday hat to take out an inch! I LOVE my luggage tag too! So clever - even the girls were impressed with what I got from my PIF.

Jknits said...

Gorgeous Boots!
I know what you mean about the hat - better to do it now than be upset every time you got to wear it!

toy said...

love the yarn for that hat, it looks so smooth, the uggs are really cute

オテモヤン said...
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