Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Highlights

I didn't make very many Christmas gifts this year (darn those 24 hours days) but I did make an apron for my daughter Molly from the Emmeline pattern.

and polar fleece hats for Mark's grandkids.

Mark and I took a quick trip back to Delaware to surprise my mom on her birthday (Dec 26). It's been awhile since I've been back and it was quite fun to spend some time with my whole family. Because we flew into BWI, we detoured to show Mark the Inner Harbor and have lunch at the Rusty Skupper.

My family has hosted a Christmas party on the 26th for as long as I can remember. A long time ago, I introduced them to the "Dirty Santa" gift exchange and it's been an annual tradition ever since. They've even called me in some years that I wasn't able to attend to verify the "rules" of the game. LOL. A shot of all the gifts awaiting start of the game (my two sisters in law and my mom behind them).


SissySees said...

LOVE the inner harbor. Was there last fall.

And thanks for reminding me!! I have a CUTE apron that was my grandmother's that I need to photograph and share with the world.

Kyle said...

WOW, that apron is adorable!
Ok, I'll bite. What is the "dirty santa" game? Is it like a white elephant, but naughtier?

gMarie said...

Seriously what is this game? Love that apron and the fleece hats are super cute. We missed the inner harbor when we were in that area. g

Bonnie D. said...

You probably are familiar with the Dirty Santa gift exchange but maybe know it by a different name. Everyone brings a gift and is given a number. Number one opens any gift they want. Number two can steal number one's gift or open a new present. There are many variations of this including a white elephant when people bring something used from their house. We find it works better if you bring a gift that people actually want to promote the stealing. LOL

Linda/The Queen Bee said...

I don't know how you get so much done! I want to be you when I grow up! :)