Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sweetheart Neckline T (J2794)

This is my third version of Jalie 2794. I made this one in size T. I could have added 1/2" at the hips (stupid hips!!) I used some Sophia knit purchased from Vogue Fabrics. LOVE this stuff!! I've heard other people rave about it and they were right. It's so easy to sew on!

Polka Dot skirt (S2451)

This is version 3 of this skirt, Simplicity 2451. Added lining. Shortened by 2". Lot of hand stitching. Fabric is a twill with a nice sheen to it. I think I purchased in NY during PR weekend 2012.

I can wear this shirt to work with either a blouse or more casually with a knit top.

Tie Dye Wrap Top (M6513)

This top is McCalls 6513 made in a lightweight rayon or silk knit, purchased from TexStyles in Austin.

Size and alterations: Cut 2" off length. Size 10 on top, 14 at hips. The crossed sections flopped around when I basted them to the side panels so I had to bring them in a bit tighter. I assume this is due to small bust although the fabric is very lightweight and droopy, which exacerbated the issue, I think.

I like this top ok but I'm not crazy about how low the armhole is. It makes the top look a bit unkempt to me. I probably won't make it again but this will be a nice top for weekend wear.

Linen Pants (V8584)

Usually, I prefer fitted clothes on me and don't tend to wear many loose fitting items (other than sweats that I love to wear around the house.) I feel untidy and slothy (yeah, imaginary word) wearing loose fitting clothes and don't feel like they flatter my figure. 

However, when  I saw Elizabeth's adorable version of Vogue 8584 some time ago, I thought I'd shake up my normal attire and give the casual, loose pants a go, in hopes that I could look as cute as her!

Linen was purchased at Discount Fabrics in San Francisco during PR weekend 2014 (April.)

Size and Alterations:
Started with size 14 based on measurements and my usual hip measurements. Basted together and seemed ok but hard to tell before inserting elastic in waist. Turned out they were too big AND too high. There was too much fabric in the front so rather than taking in side seams, I scooped out about an inch of front seam starting at top of waist, grading to about 1/2" at the crotch and then to the original seam about 2" past crotch into back center seam. The crotch was drooping very low so I cut 2" off top of waistband and moved the foldline down 2". I cut 2" off hem (I'm just under 5'4".)

I used 1" elastic so I made the foldline 1 1'2" - enough for 1/4" stitching above bottom edge and 1/4" stitching from foldline. Rather than do a 1/4" fold on the edge, I serged the edge for less bulk.

I'm not sure I love them but I'm going to give them a chance. 

Sundress (M4444)

I decided three days before our Hilton Head vacation in June that I HAD TO HAVE a sundress to wear. I had a couple patterns in mind but I went with this one because the reviews said it went together like a dream and was very quick. Well, it wasn't all that quick. I was working long days catching up before going away on vacation anyway so I only had early morning before work and late at night. Somehow, I was able to get it all sewn together except for the hand sewing on the bodice band. So I took it with me and finished it one evening right before going out to dinner in it!

This really is a great pattern. The sizing was terrific although I think the bodice is a wee too big for my teeny bust. I would like to make it again and will probably eliminate a little volume in the top.

More details below.

Fabric: Rayon Challis from Vogue Fabric in Chicago during PR Weekend 2011. I don't recall who it was but one of the ladies in our group carried the bolt of this fabric around the store for awhile. I casually stalked her for some time and then just said, "Hey, if you're not going to buy that, hand it over." And she did! LOL
Pattern: McCalls 4444 - The pattern is out of print but looks like it may still be available at Club BMV.
Size: Out of the envelope size 10 for the bodice and graded up to what I am guessing was a 14 at waist and hips (I bought the wrong size grouping and 10 was the largest size.)

Raglan tshirt (M6288)

LOVE this pattern! This is my second version. Version 1 here. I raised the neckline a little higher this time but think it could still be a wee bit higher. It looks crooked but it's not. I'm not sure if it was skewed when I put it on or if the way the trim works makes it look crooked.

Made from a 1 yd remnant from the Haberman booth at ASE last September ($5.) The top is a little too snug for my liking but I'm trying to lose 5 lb - this photo is motivation that I need to get serious!!!

Wool jumper / sheath (M5464)

I finished this back in February but never got around to a photo. I took one today but now that I see the photo, I hate this top with it!!! I've had trouble figuring out what top to wear with it since I finished it, in fact. I didn't feel like redoing the photo so look past the top, please.

This is McCalls 5464, (shown below but oop), view A. Reviews on PR indicate neckline views A&B are too high and C&D are too low. so I lowered it. Other alterations: added 1" broad back adjustment; I used length of View B but ended up cutting 2" off; added a lining; used 2" bias cut lining fabric strips to bind armholes.

I used the same lining as my trench coat shown here:

Red Jeans (J2908)

I've wanted a pair of red jeans for two years. Back in February, I found some nice red stretch denim (color "Lipstick") on Mood's website so I took the plunge. This is my second time with the Jalie jeans pattern (2908), which is designed for stretch denim. First time was a white pair shown here that I made in size V but I've lost some weight since then. I also made and kept a muslin in size T. Turns out, size U works for me now!

I found some crystal like rivets from a seller on eBay that I just LOVE. They were easy to install and have held up over several washings.

I completed these in April and love them.

Mood Twill Projects

A couple people asked in comments and emails what I plan to make with the other twills from Mood. I plan to make a  a lilac / cream sheath dress and a.lilac pencil skirt.

I also plan to make a matching top from a stretch charmeuse I received from Gorgeous Fabric to coordinate with the skirt: