Thursday, May 31, 2007

Help me decide!

6/6/07 - I'm closing the poll today. The votes are evenly split between yes and no so I am still not sure what I'll do. Thanks for your input!

WHEW!!!! Just when you voters were starting to create self-doubt about my love for polka dots, I stumble across this and realize all is good in the polka world.

Fashion Fabrics is having a sale (ok, they always have some kind of sale) and I saw the cutest crepe de chine. See it here in yellow with blue dots and blue with yellow dots. (I LOVE polka dots!) I have wanted to make this cute Vogue blouse with a flounced bottom and thought the polka dot fabric might be a good match. But it's kind of extreme so I'm second guessing myself. Let me know what you think by answering the following poll!

Should I make Vogue 8362 in polka dots?

YES! Make it in yellow with blue dots.

YES! Make it in blue with yellow dots.

NO! You'll look like Minnie Mouse!

Current results


Allison said...

I think you should make it in yellow with blue polka dots but then use the blue with yellow polka dots for the ruffle.

Anonymous said...

I like the blue with the yellow dots (I voted that way). And I adore clothing and other items that are polka dotted. So go with your gut and do it!

Linda in VA