Monday, August 05, 2013

Scoopneck T with Tulip Sleeves (J2806)

I normally love the fit of Jalie tops. I cut this one in a size T but it was too big - the neck was too wide and the chest too large. My daughter has broader shoulders and a larger bust so I gave it to her - she is on the right in the photo

I like the look of the tulip sleeves, but for some reason, the directions were very confusing to me - the diagram wasn't helpful to me. Normally, I love Jalie's instructions but I didn't like this one.

I used the same black bamboo knit I used for twist top shown in the precious post. I will make this top again but in a size S or maybe even R.

We didn't plan on both wearing our black bamboo tops at the same time but it just worked out that way yesterday so I took advantage of the photo op. LOL

Twist Top T (S1613)

I saw a couple versions of this top on PR and thought it was a great way to jazz up a plain black top. The fabric is a bamboo knit; I don't recall the source. The twist part was a little tricky to understand. The pattern instructions and photo are very good, it's just took some time for my brain to wrap around and arrive at the "Ah HA" moment. Photo below shows the top on the left.