Monday, November 07, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner Dress - V8742

I finished up the Mother of the Bride ensemble and Junior Bridesmaid dresses (I'll post those soon) on Saturday so I decided I still had time to make a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I've loved this pattern (Vogue 8742) since it came out and decided to give it a shot with a lightweight teal sweater knit I had in my stash. I love how it turned out, although now that I see it, I wish I had made it an inch longer. I liked it yesterday in the mirror but in this morning's photos, I think it's a wee bit short.

Pattern: Vogue 8742

Close up of shirring:

"Rear" View. Literally. :-)

I used hot pink bias tape for the neckline to add a little fun.

There are more details of the construction and pattern at PR.

Note: I have no idea why the hangar says Bill Gilson! LOL. Nobody I know!


SissySees said...

Nonsense... the back view looks absolutely perfect length-wise... I think it's just the way you're standing or something in that front view. Love the color and the dress!!

(You need a dark teal wrap for it. Is the wedding this weekend?)

gMarie said...

Bonnie - it's a great dress. Enjoy wearing it. I think Chan is correct - throw a wrap around your shoulders and enjoy. Are you ready for this wedding to happen? Friday, right? g

Sara Noemi said...

Love the color and I think it's just long enough! Thanks for this write-up. I'll have to add it to my wishlist.

Lori said...

It looks beautiful, the length is perfect and the color is perfect on you. Great job.

Anne-Marie said...

This is a gorgeous dres. The lenght is perfect. I do know what is the weather in your part of the world but when I am not as ease with a dress (that I find a little short) I wear it with tight of the same colour (if that is your style of course) The uniform look that it give makes me see the outfit differently. Here in Montreal, it is really opaque tights type of weather. I really like your dress... I need to buy that pattern. Well need is a big word. ;-)

Sharon said...

Bonnie, I love it! That color is so flattering on you. I have this pattern also but it hasn't made it to my sewing queue yet. I think the length works, but I also do what Anne-Marie does if I think something is a bit too short - pair with tights.

Stacie said...

Ooooh, I really like this on you! Very well done!