Thursday, October 28, 2010

What was I thinking?

Why did I think a double row of ruffles on the sleeve of a bathrobe was a good idea? Not to mention heavy terry cloth. Thank goodness for scissors! Otherwise, I would have been dragging those sleeves through my coffee every morning. I added cuffs instead. As you can see, my daughter's dog Cooper likes it this way much better!

The fabric is a stretch terry I found at JoAnn's last summer and thought it would be perfect for a summer robe. The photos don't do it justice. It's a gorgeous turquoise with big tropical flowers on it. I used McCall's 5534 and it worked well, all except the sleeve ruffles. When I was cutting it out, I happened across some white terry in my stash and thought it would add a nice contrast. The pattern didn't call for the pocket ruffle but I thought it made the pocket stand out a little better. And the white stretch terry made perfect cuffs! I also took some width out of the bottom of the sleeves.

How perfect that my hair looks like I just rolled out of bed! Don't tell anyone the photo was taken at 7:00 pm! On a no-makeup day!

Summer is long gone so I'm taking it to Florida instead.

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