Sunday, January 06, 2008


That's me in my new bathrobe. Do I look like a Leopard or a Jaguar? Or a Cheetah (as Lori pointed out!)

I can never find a RTW robe with all the "features" that I like so I came across this pattern before the holidays and decided to make myself one. Hancock's had lots of fun polar fleece prints from which to choose. I almost picked a purple plaid but then I decided to let the animal in me out. Ha ha.

So what features you ask? I like to lounge in a robe on weekend mornings. I prefer a robe that zips so I don't accidentally flash my family - not pretty. Because I frequently cook or clean while still in my robe, I need the sleeves to be form fitting so they don't catch on fire at the stove or get dipped in the toilet. I like it to be all the way to the floor so of course, it needs to be wide enough to walk comfortable. I have to have pockets. And it needs to be cozy. Doesn't seem like it should be that hard to find but it usually is.

This is a PERFECT pattern for me. The particulars:

Butterick 6881, View E
2 1/4 yards 60" wide polar fleece (this is less than the pattern calls for, however, I did not make the pockets from the fleece to minimize the bulk.)
Ribbing for the sleeves
1 22" zipper
a zipper pull - I happened to have a little tassle that worked well.

Pictures of some of the details:
Rib Trim on the sleeves:

Tassle Zipper Pull:

I used some cotton rather than polar fleece to reduce bulk for the pockets:

This took about 1 1/2 hours to sew. Went together very easily and it is sooooo cozy. I can't wait to put my jammies back on tonight!


Lori said...

Can I vote cheetah? Great job on making a robe just like you want.

gaylen said...

I'm thinking Cheetah! Why bother getting out of it? It's Sunday after all, unless you had to leave the house, in which case it might be slightly inappropriate! g

Kellie said...

Yep,very cheetah-y, I'd say! THAT is darlin'! Great job!

KnittyNancy said...

Great robe! I can't believe that you did that in an hour and a half!

Cennetta said...

You are so fast! I think Cheetah! Great robe. I'm a fan of animal print too. lol

Anonymous said...

Looks like giraffe.

Tany said...

Fabulous! I really love your new bathrobe! Great job!