Monday, June 06, 2011

Black Pencil Skirt - S2451 - AKA the DNP skirt

Here is a long overdue post on my Damn Near Perfect (DNP) skirt I finished over a month ago.

I have wanted/needed a black pencil skirt for ages. Something to throw on for date night or to wear to the office. PR Weekend pushed me to finally make this one as I wanted something to wear with my polka dot top. I wore this on our last day, to the Lt. Gov. proclamation at Fishman's Fabric.

The details:
Pattern: Simplicity 2451, View C (with modifications as described below.)

Fabric: Black stretch twill, origin unknown.

I decided to add the tabs that are shown in View D and made them first. I cut them out, interfaced, sewed, and top stitched them damn near perfectly! Then I began construction of the actual skirt. I glanced at the instructions for the pocket but then put the instructions away. I mean, hello... I'm an experienced sewer. Why would I need instructions for a basic skirt? After inserting an invisible zipper that was also damn near perfect, I took a little break to pat myself on the back and admire my progress on the awesome skirt! All I had left was the waistband and hem.

After looking at the waistband pieces and realizing they were the same width as the skirt pieces, the little voice in my head said, "Ummm, cocky girl... something appears to be amiss." Yup... the waistband did not have an overlapping tab as I assumed and the zipper was supposed to extend all the way to the top. Dayummmmm. I refused to take out the zipper so I improvised and turned one of my DNP tabs into a closure for the back. The tab is straight even though it appears cockeyed in the photo below.

Summary: I've worn the skirt several times now and overall am very happy with it. I will likely make this one again (with the zipper properly inserted!)

Things I really like: I love the fit. Classic style that is oh-so-comfy to wear.

Things I don't like so much: I wish I had heard Angela's twill tape tip before making it because the skirt does seem to stretch out a bit during the day. I wish I had lined it. When I wear it with tights, it sticks to the tights and rides up as I walk. I'm wearing it today bare-legged and it's fine - no scooching up. Although the fabric is quite comfy, it does wrinkle easily as you can see in my first photo. Not a deal-breaker but somewhat annoying.


Lori said...

Very pretty skirt.

gMarie said...

Ithink it does in fact look Damn Near Perfect! Just pull on a slip to stop the tights from making the skirt walk. It's all good. g

Natalie said...

This pattern is one of my go to patterns just because it's so easy to play with. I love the black skirt. It looks great.