Monday, May 28, 2007

More Sewing

I started New Look 6429 this afternoon and made great progress. Isn't Lola looking lovely?! All I have left is sew the sleeves on and hem the dress (and buy this to ... ahem... hold it all in. Darn kids....)

And thanks to the bloggers who wouldn't quit showing off the $0.99 Simplicity patterns they bought at the JoAnn's Memorial weekend sale, I ran down to JoAnn's this afternoon and picked up a few more:

New Look 6468 This wasn't on sale but I saw THE CUTEST VERSION of this dress over at Pattern Review and had to have it. I bought a hot pink embossed stretch twill that I'm hoping will work for the strapless dress. Clearance table - $3.75. Thank you very much!

S3797 - I'm picturing Dress A with jacket E for work functions.

S3837 Yet another knit top pattern that I had to have!

S 3961 - I bought some brown stretch twill from Gorgeous Things recently and have been looking for a gauchos pattern. Version E will look cute, I think.

And finally, S5329. My 13 yr old son and I cleaned out his room this weekend (hello, Goodwill!) and one of the things we got rid of was a bathrobe that he has always loved. Just a simple fleece wrap robe. I picked up some blue furry fleece that is very soft and should make a nice replacement robe.

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debbie said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love it. Came out so nice. Fabric is perfect. Isn't that one we voted on not too long ago?

I bought a few patterns yesterday too after seeing some on other blogs!