Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Highlights

I didn't make very many Christmas gifts this year (darn those 24 hours days) but I did make an apron for my daughter Molly from the Emmeline pattern.

and polar fleece hats for Mark's grandkids.

Mark and I took a quick trip back to Delaware to surprise my mom on her birthday (Dec 26). It's been awhile since I've been back and it was quite fun to spend some time with my whole family. Because we flew into BWI, we detoured to show Mark the Inner Harbor and have lunch at the Rusty Skupper.

My family has hosted a Christmas party on the 26th for as long as I can remember. A long time ago, I introduced them to the "Dirty Santa" gift exchange and it's been an annual tradition ever since. They've even called me in some years that I wasn't able to attend to verify the "rules" of the game. LOL. A shot of all the gifts awaiting start of the game (my two sisters in law and my mom behind them).

I want to marry this fabric - J2794

While at PR Anniversary in Austin weekend, April had a trunk show for her new business Fabricker and I bought some lovelies including this luscious silk/cotton/rayon knit. It feels so good against my skin! I turned it into another Jalie sweetheart neckline top (2794). I made one a few years ago and loved it but it was a bit snug then and since I've put on a few pounds since, I decided to go up a few letters for this one. I overestimated and it turned out way too big. I played around with it until I finally got the right fit and added long sleeves. I still love this pattern and would love to make a few more.

Two down from my marathon cutting session; Nine to go!

Glittery Cowl top - M6078 (revisited)

I loved the polka dot version of McCalls 6078 I made last summer. I've worn it many times! I followed up with another version in an interlock knit that was a complete failure and concluded a lighter weight, drapier knit works best for this pattern. I picked up a very stretchy, lightweight sweater knit from TexStyles in November and knew the glitter threads would be perfect for a holiday top. Not sure if TexStyles has a website but you can find them on Facebook here.

I wore it several times over the holidays with this quilted shimmery jacket.