Monday, May 14, 2007

Craft night

My friend and I got crafty again tonight. I found a fun bulletin board project in April/May 2007 Sew News (pattern/directions found here). We stopped at the fabric store a few weeks ago and bought fabric and trims. Mine is for my sewing room; hers is for her new kitchen. The project should probably only take an hour, start to finish. Throw in a rough day and a couple martinis and it will take you three hours!

Raw materials:

Finished projects:
Bonnie's - The tacks were made from rhinestones and some of the daisy trim. The black polka dot fabric is actually a pocket. How cool is that?!:

Linda's - Click on the photo to see the cool double ribbon hangar she made:


Beth said...

Those are so cute! Nothing better than an evening with a friend after a hard day.

debbie said...

Hey, these came out great - Martini's and all. Love the fabrics you both used. Yours will be perfect in the sewing room. Too cute!!

Hey, think I'll make one for my classroom. . .

Anonymous said...

Dear Bonnie:

I love all of the cute fabric items you are making and you are really an amazing seamstress, however what are we??? Chopped liver? We miss you. Please don't foget us.

- Your knitting needles and yarn

monica said...

Those turned out great and the trim is so straight in spite of the Martini's

Bonnie D. said...

Dear Needles & Yarn:
Don't despair my little lovelies. I haven't abandoned you. It's just that your cousins - fabric and thread - are so much faster than you. You guys need to pick up the pace.

But I still love you and will post some pictures of you very soon. Perhaps even tonight.


Janice said...

Gosh..I want to come to your next craft night!!! I love what you both made. Looks like you had a great weekend visiting your daughter! Fun to be with her on her birthday!!