Friday, August 31, 2012

T-Shirt Onesie - J3133

One of my friends made an adorable onesie for her granddaughter to wear to a fair - the onesie was made from a t-shirt purchased at the same fair in a prior year. It was sooooo adorable! It gave me the idea to try it using a t-shirt from my son-in-law's police department. My daughter "stole" the shirt from his dresser. But before I cut into it, I figured I would do a muslin using a t-shirt that I didn't care as much about. I found this old Harley Davidson t-shirt that I never wear and figured it would work.

So here is the before....


And the after (still need snaps):



SissySees said...

Now THAT is so cute it could - maybe - inspire me to learn to sew.

gMarie said...

That is adorable! Can't wait to see the next version. g

Andrea said...

Nice use of a t-shirt. Love it.

Jenny said...

Cute! I love making onesies for the babies in my extended family. I never even thought of repurposing an old tee for it. Love it!

Kyle said...

Hrm. That may very well be the best t-shirt refashion EVER. Great job!

You asked about ASE & clothing. I haven't planned what I'm going to wear but most likely it will be stuff I've already sewn. I feel like I need to start a spreadsheet for what I wore to each sewing event to make sure I'm not wearing the same stuff. You were the only person who saw my same dresses in Austin and NYC. :)