Sunday, June 26, 2011

M6069 - Hmmmm....

M6069 is a ROCK STAR at Pattern Review. I don't think there is a bad review amongst the 29 posted. And I am a knit dress LOVER. But I finished this one about a month ago and I'm lukewarm. Admittedly, I got a little carried away after realizing I had cut the skirt too wide. And sewed the skirt seams tighter than I should have. But aside from the snugness at the hips, it doesn't seem to hang the same way at the neckline as everyone else's. I added sleeves but I wouldn't have thought that would impact how the cowl hangs. I also admitted the elastic casing at the waist. I threw on a skinny belt that I happened to have laying in the sewing room but I think I will wear this with a wide black belt.

(Forgive the open outlet. Just finished painting the room.)

I purchased this lightweight (but substantial enough) ITY border print from

Bottom line... I guess I'll move it from my sewing room to my closet and I'll wear it but it won't be my fave.

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gMarie said...

I love that fabric. I need to spend more time sewing and less time thinking about it. How do you find time for it all? g