Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vogue 1250 - Version 1

When Vogue 1250 came out, it didn't interest me in the least. I thought the dress was not the slightest bit flattering on the model. Doesn't the dress look baggy in an unattractive way in the following image?

But apparently, my opinion was in the minority and versions of the dress started popping up all over the Blogosphere and Pattern Review. And the versions were CUTE!! And SEXY!! Most people also described that the dress was quick and true to size. So let's see.... knit dress.... cowl neck.... cute.... quick... true to size... many of my favorite pattern characteristics!

The pattern languished all summer but the need for a quick dress arose when I was packing for Jackson Hole last month. I needed something cute and casual for a cocktail reception. So I pulled out a lightweight interlock from my stash and pulled together the above dress in about an hour and a half, including cutting. It's comfy and casual and I was thrilled with how it turned out.

I finished Version 2 this morning and will post about it next week. I used a black slinky knit for this one and I'll wear it to my daughter's bachelorette party this weekend. She is wearing a white dress and the rest of us will be in black.


gMarie said...

Oh Bonnie! That dress is stunning! How is the MOTB dress coming along?

I made a red ponte version at sew camp that still needs a hem. g

SissySees said...

Love your version. See... I don't visualize at all, so until I see it on a body, a human body with flesh and bones...

Anyway, it's awesome!!

Lori said...

Your dress looks great. This is such a great pattern and each version looks a bit different. Fun!

Andrea said...

Lovely. I love this pattern and that fabric is to die for. By the way, you made me laugh wabout the comment you left me on the rabbit dress, and can you take the apple pie off your sidebar, you're making me hungry. It looks so good.