Sunday, September 28, 2008

And I still cook, too!

Summertime usually means quick meals but when autumn arrives, I tend to cook a lot more. Made a nice comfy dinner last night: Sloppy Joes, Mac and Cheese (decadent recipe!!) and corn. I posted recipes on my cooking blog if you're interested.

I remember how to sew!

First of all.... Paul Newman... How very sad. That man had it all going on. He will be missed by so many.

On a happier note... Over the last week, I sewed three items! Woo hoo! And I've already worn all three. Double woo hoo!

The first is a simple raglan sleeve top. I like this style top for bumming around on a Saturday, running errands, cleaning the house, etc. I thought I had bought this pattern based on someone's recommendation although there are no reviews of it at PR so I don't really know who else made it! The details:

New Look 6734, View B, Size 10
Fabric - black and white stretchy knit (bought in the dinosaur era, have no idea where or fabric content)
Modifications - Lengthened it by 2-3 " and will probably add additional 2" next time. I intended to make the sleeves full length rather than 3/4 but I miscalculated and they were going to be approx. 1" too short. So I made them 3/4 anyway. I will probably make the sleeves a little wider next time. They are skin tight.
Outcome - I love this simple top. Nothing exciting but comfortable and looks good.

Next up is a knit dress. Oh so comfy!

Simplicity 3678, View C, Size 8 bodice tapering to Size 10 skirt.
Fabric - slinky knit from Gorgeous Fabrics (purchased about a year ago), "Meet Me in Marakkesh Jersey "; Dang this stuff is slippery to work with!!
Modifications - none
Outcome - LOVE this dress. It is a very flattering style. Wore it to a work reception last week and received lots of compliments. I love the shirred bodice. Very cute. I will definitely make this one again in a solid - probably as a jumper.

Finally, a basic top. When I got this one done, I was showing it to my oldest daughter to get her opinion and she said, "That looks nice. Just as good as all the other red tops you have made." And then she pointed to three red tops I had hanging to dry. LOL. Oh well... guess I like red.

Simplicity 4095, View A, Made smallest size 10 which was too big for my small busted figure.
Fabric - red poly knit from stash - kinda icky feeling to be honest.
Modifications - The bodice was too big when I basted it together. I had to pull it in by at least an inch on either side.
Outcome - Cute style but I don't LOVE love it due to the fabric. I would prefer it to be a little longer. I wore it last night with low rise jeans and I was worried about midriff reveal all night. LOL! I might try it again although I think I have other similar styles that perhaps I can make work better.

Next up is shirt dress, Butterick 5030 (view E) in the black/red/white fabric:

Friday, September 19, 2008


Just a random post for a Friday.

Crazy week here in Cincinnati. We were hit with a windstorm last Sunday (remnants of Ike). It last three hours and was just wind. No rain. Gusts up to 75mph. So it was like a mini-hurricane without the rain or a really long tornado. LOL! Needless to say, many sustained damage. My house wasn't damaged, just some downed trees and large branches. I was without power for a day and a half, which was bad enough for me but there are still approx. 150,000 people in the city without power.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post! My patootey feels sufficiently kicked and I have made some progress this week. had a nice sale on knits so I bought quite a few different pieces. Hopefully, the order will arrive tomorrow. I picked up three patterns at JoAnns last night (Butterick sale). And then started another promotion with 15% off (WINNER908 is the coupon code) so I ordered three Jalie top patterns from them. I also started cutting out four different projects last night and should hit the sewing machine tonight. Woo hoo!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm in a RUT!!

I have barely sewed a thing all summer and now I feel like I'm paralyzed. Ok, that's a little dramatic but seriously.... I don't understand why I am not more productive on the sewing scene. I sat down with patterns, fabrics, pattern review, etc. for TWO HOURS last night and still couldn't figure out what I want to make. Yet I open my closet door every morning and get annoyed because there is nothing in there I want to wear. What is up with that!!!!

Can somebody give me a kick in the patootey please? Seriously, I think I just need to dive in and make something to get me back in the swing.

In the meantime, it has been an eventful summer on many fronts. The animals are overtaking the human inhabitants of Casa de Bon Bon!!

Exhibit A:

This is Maggie. A long hair calico kitten my son adopted from the SPCA in mid-July. Sadly, she was not well and died five days after we brought her home.

Exhibit B:

This is Fiji. The replacement kitty we got from the SPCA. She is full of spunk and gives our dogs a run for their money.

Exhibit C:

This is Cooper. He is a chocolate lab purchased by my daughter and her boyfriend. Cooper lives with the boyfriend and his roommates but spends a lot of time at our house, too.

And more adorableness!!!!

Between the ill first kitten, Fiji developing a cold, Cooper's treatment for kennel cough, Herschel's crazy vomiting spell and "well baby care" immunizations and exams, we have spent quite a bit of money at the vet over the last two months!!