Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dress that wanted to be a Tunic (B5495)

Edited to add the tunic versus dress photo:

There are many great versions of this pattern out there. Some people have made it as a top, some as a tunic and some as a dress. I was really inspired by Lori's versions (Girls in the Garden) and decided to make it as a dress. But after I got it done, I just wasn't sure if I should leave it a dress. I've made quite a few knit dresses with a busy pattern and I find that I only want to wear them a couple times and then I get tired of them. The same thing does not happen with tops, oddly enough. But I still couldn't decide so I posed it to my Facebook sewing group. Probably 30 people responded and don't ya know, it was split right down the middle. What finally pushed me to the tunic was that I needed a comfy outfit to wear for the shopping day during PR NYC in May.

The pattern is Butterick 5495 (View A lengthened) and the fabric is an ITY I purchased in Austin last November at a PR weekend.

I never took any photos of myself in this but here are a few others took at Mood.

Here I am with Swatch the Mood "mascot".

Here I am with Sherril, Meg, Connie and Karen.


Lori said...

Great looking tunic, it is a fabulous pattern

SissySees said...

Cheating here and commenting on this post and the previous one. I'm becoming fond of tunic! I won't wear a short skirt, but leggings and a tunic, skinny jeans and a tunic, a pencil skirt and...

Love ponte knits too. I am impressed at how four-season they are, minus the hottest days of the summer, if I have to be out and about.

Kyle said...