Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Another peasant top & an injured car

I found this sheer gauzy fabric with a border print and really liked it. I thought it would make a great peasant style top. I was going to make McCalls 5931 but after reading reviews, I realized I would have to make some alterations and I was too lazy to do so. I decided instead to re-make an oldie - McCalls 5050 (oop), that I made for the first time in 2007.

Although it turned out ok and I've worn it a few times, it's not the most flattering top. My daughter thinks I should have made a smaller size, that the excess fabric is making me look bigger than I am. I don't like how the arm attaches to the bodice. When I lift my arm, I feel constrained. Not sure if this is something I can change or if it's part of the pattern. Regardless, it's not intended to be a long term member of my wardrobe. I'll probably wear it a few more times this summer and retire it.

One of these days I will try M 5931 as I think the fit would be better.

Next up is a sundress out of some beautiful batik fabric.

In other "Ain't life grand" moments.... My daughter's car was maimed by a flying tire last week. This is the second time in 18 months her car was damaged while parked. A Dodge Ram pickup truck lost its wheel and the tire flew back and smashed into her parked car. Fortunately, a truck can't go with only 3 wheels (go figure!) so while it was stopped awaiting a tow, the police came and took a report. Turns out the offending truck was uninsured and the drivers were minors. The parents are making them pay but who knows how long that will take! Fortunately, my insurance is handling as a no-fault claim but we may be out the deductible if the crashers don't pay. This week, we are playing musical cars to get to work while her car is being fixed.

Whoa!! Just got the call from the dealership. $3,057 to fix! Infiniti parts are ridiculous!

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Cyndi said...

I think you peasant top looks nice. That's a pretty fabric. I have plans to make S2936 which is sort of a peasant top.