Sunday, January 09, 2011

Weekend Sweatshirt

I have loved this pattern for so long. In fact, I bought the Yarn Girls book (The Yarn Girls guide to Beyond the Basics) just for this pattern. The book includes other great patterns and I highly recommend it. I started this sweater in 2009 and it was a start and stop kind of project - my normal M.O.! I finished the knitting before Christmas but it took a while to sew it together and weave in all the loose ends. I love this sweater and the only thing I would do different is increase the length next time. The yarn is Knit Picks Main Line (discontinued). I also have this yarn in a cream color and I'm considering making a second version although there are so many other designs out there that I hesitate to repeat.

Forgive the photo. I was too impatient to wait for natural light. The color is much more vibrant than it appears.

Here is my full review at Ravelry.


Jenny said...

Your sweater looks great! A lot of work, I know, and I'm sure you'll wear it a lot. I've never repeated a pattern. There's always something more interesting to try next (and at the rate I slowly crank out sweaters, I just can't afford any repeats. :-)

gMarie said...

Look at you go! What a fabulous sweater. g