Sunday, March 20, 2011

Skirt with Inverted Pleat (New Look 6969) - Item 3 in the Wardrobe

Another item in my mini-wardrobe.

I have no idea where this fabric came from. It's a linen-y type with embroidery and sequins. It's a fun fabric that I thought would make a cute little skirt to wear once or twice. When I started designing the mini wardrobe, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to use it and selected New Look 6969, View D. I had some turquoise buttons that I was going to use for embellishment, similar to the pattern but with all the busyness of the fabric, it didn't need them. I added a lining. The pattern went together easily although I had a little trouble with the pleat - it wouldn't hang correctly. I think I finally made it work.

All in all a cute skirt that I suspect I'll wear a few times this spring and then retire it.

1 comment:

Channon said...

Another functional, cute item that almost inspires me to learn to sew.

Almost. Love that fabric!