Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Yarn sales and other stuff

Many of the yarn stores near me had Super Bowl sales today. I found some great deals last year but didn't buy much today. I picked up this beautiful purple cashmere merino blend (50% off!) from which I intend to make myself a pair of cabled fingerless gloves.

Also picked up some Paton's wool at Michael's for my International Tote Exchange partner. I'm attempting Nicky Epstein's Felted Rose Bag. This pattern looks tricky. Hope I can do it!

I finished my daughter's fingerless gloves last weekend. I was not crazy about the fit on me. They were a little loose.

Debbie sent me her recipe for chicken lasagna which I made yesterday. YUM!!! It has a white sauce, spinach, mozzarella and parmesan in it and was delish. Plenty of leftovers for another dinner! I also went on a cookie baking binge and made chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. These recipes are my absolute favorites. Both are chewy cookies.

I also made a new chili recipe yesterday that we'll eat while watching the game today. It contains sausage and ground beef and is a bit spicy. It's called Boilermaker's Tailgate Chili.

And finally, a puppy picture. On the left is Martini and on the right is Herschel.


Beth said...

Those are GREAT dog names! Sorry I missed the sales. :( Maybe next year.

Karyn said...

I love the yarn you picked up for the fingerless gloves...what a pretty colour!! Now I want chocolate chip cookie! Maybe it's time to do some baking :)

Janice said...

Love the purple yarn for the fingerless gloves!! I bet they'll be extra yummy!! The recipes sound good...but I am so stuffed from the superbowl party I'll have to check back tomorrow to appreciate the photos!!

Debbie said...

Love the purple cashmere! I must have the Vogue magazine with the Epstein purse in it. I'm going to dig through my stuff and check out the pattern.

Hey, check out that lasagne. Did everyone like it? I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, too!

The chili sounds interesting - that's quite the list of ingredients.