Sunday, June 26, 2011

M6356 - another miss

I am not brave enough to sport the one-shoulder look so I was happy to see McCalls 6356,

View D,

which is a modified one-shoulder look that sort of conveys the same image with less skin showing.

This was a tricky one to sew for me. (More sewing details at Pattern Review.) I'm not crazy with the results. This is a little bit out of my style zone (if I have such a thing.) My daughter said it looks good but I feel like a big red pear in it! My oldest daughter said to try it with skinny jeans. My fiancé said it looks frumpy because he likes fitted tops on me. I'll probably try wearing it out and see if I'm comfortable wearing it.


SissySees said...

I like it, but I'm also not brave enough to do assymetrical, much less one shoulder...

gMarie said...

this is a very interesting top. I wonder if it's just too blousy on you. on the pattern envelope it seems to be pulled longer on the model - if that makes sense at all. g