Tuesday, August 02, 2011


8/2/11 Edited to add that voting is now open for the contest so if you're a PR Member and you like my entry, I'd love to receive your vote!!

Voting is here. My entry is:
Simplicity: 2258 misses skirts and pants
submitted by: Bonnie D [Read Review]
Date: 7/31/11

As I may have ever-so-briefly mentioned in a previous post or two (cough, cough), I got hooked on the idea of the One Pattern, Many Looks contest at Pattern Review. I loved the Simplicity skirt pattern and since skirts are my "go-to" piece of clothing to wear, I thought this would be a perfect idea.

Unfortunately, I didn't find this contest until mid July and it had a contest expiration date of 7/31/11. But heck, skirts are relatively quick, right? I decided to enter but was worried about being able to finish since I was out of town for most of the month.

I took advantage of every morning and evening and eeked out the final skirt this afternoon. I did a review of each one in previous blog posts and at PR so I won't do that again but I had SUCH FUN with this. It appeals to my planning side and it was fun to work within the fabrics I had.

Voting will open in the next few days. In the meantime, here is my review of all four.