Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cocktail Napkin humor

Does anyone else love cocktail napkins like I do??? I have packages and packages of them cuz I love them so much. Well, look at the one my friend had at her house last night. This is so me! LOL!

Shaken..... not stirred

The Good and The Bad..... and knowing when to say ribbit!

The BAD..... I tried. Oh boy, I tried. I asked everyone I know about the clapotis in the pastely colors (see monstrosity on the right side of picture). No one.... not even the people who don't know me very well and oughta be trying to salvage my feelings would say "Bonnie, it's a LOVELY clapotis." Nope. The best I got was a bunch of stammering and stuttering. (The worst was outright laughter.) So I will be frogging said creation......

But the good, OH SO GOOD!!! After "saving" SO much money at the Knit Happens going out of business sale, I splurged on some Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb yarn for a replacement clapotis. I found a beautiful colorway called iris garden and someone had 3 skeins for sale on ebay. I wish everyone could feel this yarn. It is scrumptious! I started the clapotis this morning. And I think everyone will agree these colors are more my style!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Menu Planning

I just notice someone's blog who also plans their meals for the week. If I didn't plan my meals, I'd spend 1/2 hour in front of the freezer every night wondering what to make before hustling the family off to a restaurant. I can even get my kids to help when I have it planned out!

Here's what I planned for this week:
Grilled beer can chicken
Red Skin mashed potatoes
Steamed green beans
5 cheese mac & cheese (for vegetarian daughter and eldest daughter who just had wisdom teeth pulled)
Macadamia-white chocolate chip and chocolate-chocolate chip cookies (cheated - from freezer dough)

grillled brats & metts
cabbage au gratin

Chicken Asian noodle salad
Asian cucumber salad (from Costco)

Mexican short ribs, shredded & rolled in tortillas
Black beans with cilantro


Take out Pizza

I also made some awesome granola for breakfast (thanks, Linda - great recipe!!!) and some broccoli cheese soup for wisdom-teethless daughter.

Sitcom Chic Progress

Spent about an hour and a half on the cardigan over the weekend. Here are the results:

Time for a cat shot

I've noticed most knitters are cat people (as am I!) So here are some shots of our 3 cats and my son.

Knit Happens - Going out of Business!

A LYS is going out of business - owners moving to Florida. I went two different times and bought lots of goodies! I picked up a set of Denise Circular needles, a sock book, a scarf pattern set, some bulky yarn to make a big sweater, feltable yarn for my secret pal who likes to make felted purses, a couple cute baby patterns, and lots of fun yarn!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Secret Pal strikes again!

Check out this beautiful yarn that my SP5 sent me. It's a combination of mohair, glitter and a fringy yarn. She sent instructions for what sounds like a lovely scarf. I can't wait to start it!!!!

By the way, she lives somewhere in England so if you're a praying sort, join me in prayer for her.

New Clapotis

Well, here's my second Clapotis. I'm really not crazy about the color of this yarn. It looks like a baby blanket. Can't decide whether I should continue or not. The yarn itself is a lovely soft merino wool from but ick on the color.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Soleil is Finished!

Here are two shots of my Soleil. Not the most flattering shot of me (major bad hair day!!) but what the heck - it is what it is!! The blocking shot makes it look like it has white marks - but it doesn't. I'm very happy with my first fitted knit item. A little big in the armholes but that's ok. I wore it to work today with a white lacy camisole underneath it. I used Classic Elite Flash in Crocus. It's a periwinkle blue with a darker purpley color marbled in. I love the color.

Thank you SP5!!!

Look at my goodies! I received a lovely package from my secret pal. She's in England and send me some beautiful cashmere yarn and a felted bag. Both are in shades of purple - my favorite! Oh and a beautiful lace shawl pattern. Thanks Secret Pal!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blooming Water Lilies

The lilies in our pond are so beautiful right now! We have white, yellow, pink/white and bright magenta. My favorite thing to do is sit outside in the morning with my coffee and listen to the waterfall and the frogs croaking.