Monday, December 22, 2008

Brrrr.... And some progress!

Is anyone out there warm?? I am surely not. The weather across the country has been crazy over the past week. It was 7 degrees when I drove in this morning. Way colder than usual for December in Cincinnati. Thank goodness we missed that terrible ice storm in the northeast.

Over the weekend, I made good progress on the "homemade" Christmas gifts. Pictured here is a robe for my mom. Last weekend, my mom asked if I would make her a lightweight robe after the holidays to send to her in Florida. She picked out some flannel and a pattern and I told her I would add it to my project list. Of course, I had to make it for her for Christmas! I cut it out Friday night and finished it up around 2 pm on Saturday, in time to hit the post office with my last package.

The robe is Simplicity 3573. Just a simple button down robe with yoke. She wanted buttons all the way down so I adapted the facing on the bottom part of the robe to accommodate additional buttons.

So why the crazy masked ninja model?

Me: Son, I need you to model this bathrobe so I can take a picture.
Son: No Way. You're going to put the picture on your blog.
Me: Yes I am, but nobody you know reads the blog so who cares.
Son: Can I wear my ski mask and goggles?
Me: I'll get the camera.

In other homemade activities, my kids and I made cookies and candies yesterday - peanut butter blossoms, lemon bars, iced sugar cookies, Bailey's Irish Cream Truffles, peanut butter/chocolate swirl fudge, peppermint bark, fruit/nut bark, chocolate covered pretzels. I was so sick of looking at sweet stuff by this morning that of course, I took no pictures. I also have a couple other crafty things in the works but updates on those will have to wait until after the holidays.


Lindsay T said...

Hah! Kudos to DS for ninja modeling.

Summerset said...

LOL. It's ok to be photographed wearing your grandmother's robe, a ski mask and goggles in goofy poses. Right. I get it.

designdreamer said...

Too funny!
I just finished making some peanut butter blossoms too. Bailey's Irish Cream Truffles and peppermint bark, sound delicious. Any chance for a recipe?

cidell said...

that photograph is HILLARIOUS

Lori said...

That picture is so darn funny. My girls and I have made 14 different types of cookies/candies for the holiday. I am hoping oldest dd makes fudge tomorrow, I really need some fudge!

Jknits said...

too funny! What a good son. Love the robe. It's sure to be a hit.

Cathy-Cate said...


Awesome ninja model.

Nice robe, too!