Thursday, December 15, 2005

My SP6 Reveals!

I arrived home from a business trip last night to find a very fun package from my secret pal! She is Alison and check out all the goodies she sent me in the photo! She was so thoughtful to send me all kinds of fun Christmas goodies including candies and the cutest Santa and snowman salt and pepper shakers (among other Christmas doo-dads!) I love the baking book (Alison, did you know I LOVE to cook and bake???) I didn't do a very good job in the photo but check out the magazine holder - there are several more to go with it and Alison created little stickers to go on them for various magazines. It's almost as if she has seen the chaos I call my sewing / craft / knitting room! I love the blue squishy guy. I asked my kids if it was the cell phone guy (cingular maybe?) and my 11-year old informed me (in a tone that implied I'm not very bright) "Mommy, it's a HUG buddy." Oh... I didn't know. LOL!

The yarn was some samples of Karaoke from Southwest Trading Company and another cool little novelty yarn. I can't believe how soft the Karaoke is! I'm going to knit it up and compare it to Noro's silk garden!

Alison, You outdid yourself on all my packages. It was so much fun to receive them. But darlin', ya gotta tell me how you had all those postcards postmarked in different cities!! I'm stumped! There had to be 20 of them from different cities!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Here's the family photo we'll be sending in our Christmas cards this year. Yes, the boys seriously need haircuts but they like the shaggy look! We have nicknamed our youngest, Ringo, for obvious reasons! I'm hoping it makes him mad enough to agree to a cut!

Quicky scarf - Good News / Bad News

On Saturday, my good friend asked me to make her daughter a scarf in the colors of the team for which she cheers. I told her I didn't think I would have time before Christmas but lo and behold, my airplane time thiw week was very fruitful. VOILA! A frou frou royal blue / yellow / white scarf. The yarn is yellow Cotton Ease, royal blue Lion Brand Fun Fur and white Moda Dea Tutu knit on 13s in garter stitch. Although the base of the scarf is predominately blue, the yellow and white do show up better in person. I added yellow and white fringe to highlight those colors. I finished it at 6 tonight, had my daughter delivered it at 9 and heard from my friend at 9:20 that it was a huge hit. She couldn't wait until Christmas so she gave it to her daughter tonight. Too funny!

That's the good news. The bad news... oldest daughter has put in an order for an orange / black Bengals scarf (already bought the yarn) and asked tonight if I can ALSO make her a pink scarf for her friend's secret santa gift - next Wednesday. Ugh. I am halfway through my husband's scarf but haven't even started my daughter's fingerless gloves. Oh well, January gifts will be nice!

Cheerleading Champs

Molly's cheerleading team has a perfect streak this year. First place in all four competitions so far! She's the highest one in the picture; second flyer from the left.