Saturday, March 03, 2007

"This too shall pass"

And we fast forward to two hours later:

Charming Daughter: Mommy, look at the COOL tops I got. And aren't these pants perfect? I'm so excited!!!!
Mom the Money Machine: Uh huh.
Charming Daughter: See ya later. Going to babysit now. Love you.

Charming Son: Uh, Mom.... Sorry about... ya know.... hanging up on you.
Mom the Wheels: Uh huh.
Charming Son: When's dinner?

And, I am enjoying this:

My favorite drink - an orange martini.


Debbie said...

Now that's a beautiful and well-deserved martini!
Love the glass.

Allison said...

Well you know that you are a mean, evil and totally unfair mother don't you?

monica said...

LOL I keep telling my husband that it is not just our kids, they all act this way at this age. It is good to hear it though. Enjoy that martini.