Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slow rainy day

I've made progress on a few little items this week. I finished up two little felted baskets. They were supposed to have little handles similar to Booga Bags but I didn't like how scrunched up they got so I opted for a simple handle, instead. Good way to use up scraps of yarn. One was sent to a friend and I plan to send the other one off on Monday morning.

I also made some fun labels to add to items I've sewn (or is it sewed?) , knit or crafted. I got the idea from Karyn (love that new banner, Karyn!) who always has such crafty ideas!! I bought some printable fabric and created a sheet of labels using Microsoft Publisher. Here's one that I put in a wristlet!

I made another wristlet with a gigundo flower made from the Fun to Wear Flowers book and received a big batch of zippers ordered from an eBay vendor so I can make even more.


Allison said...

That is just all so darn cute! Love those labels and baskets. Very impressive.

Karyn said...

Bonnie!!! Your tags look fantastic!! How did you attach it to the bag? I don't see any stitches.

stickchick said...

Everything looks wonderful!!

Why the heck didn't I think to look for zippers on Ebay like that?! DAng, will have to remember that!!

Debbie said...

LOVE the basket, as you know.

Wristlet looks superb!

Great deal on the zippers; I'm going to copycat.

Judy said...

I love those customized labels. Very nice!