Saturday, March 17, 2007


My good friend was the chair person of her school's annual fundraiser (an auction and dinner). This is a HUGE event and I can't even count how many hours she put into this effort over the last year. She is the kind of person you want on a volunteer assignment because not only does she give 150% all the time, she is a lot of fun to be around. She received some very fun items to be auctioned off including this blanket on which a photo of the varsity cheerleading squad for this year (which just happens to include both of our daughters) is woven! I bid on it but was outbid by this same friend!! So today, she arrived at my house and GAVE me the blanket. Arguing ensued over who should get the blanket until I finally gave in, thanked her profusely and accepted the incredible gift. My son (who just had his hair buzzed today!) agreed to "model" it for me. (My daughter is pictured in the first row, sitting in the middle):

I also won a very fun football purse. Isn't this a hoot?!

In other friend news, I got home late last night from a business trip. It was a long day... 6 hour flight which was delayed, ran out of yarn to finish a project while on the plane, lost luggage, arrived home at 11:30 or so last night. So I tiredly looked through my mail pile and there was a package from Scout's Swag but I couldn't remember ordering anything recently. Well, it was an early birthday present from Debbie! Look at these adorable stitch markers with the martini glasses and knitting needles/yarn. And the tape measure has a little cell phone on it. Fortunately or unfortunately, Debbie has me pegged to a T!!!! Thank you , Debbie.

THEN, today the mailman brought another package addressed to me but the evil sender, Allison, wrote that I can't open it until my birthday. She knows I have no patience and I think it's a test. Which I am destined to fail. Happy Birthday to me, hee hee.


Janice said...

What a fun blanket!! And a great friend. You have gotten some fun packages recently... Lucky you. Too bad birthdays only come once a year!! :-) The football purse is great!! What a fun idea.

Judy said...

Did someone actually weave that blanket? That's a priceless hierloom!

Debbie said...

WOW - that blanket is stunning!
Do you know where it was made?

How special of your friend to beat you out on the bid only to turn around & give it to you. Can't beat friends like that!


Kudos to the son for being the perfect new-haircut model!

stickchick said...

That is an awesome bunch of goodies!!! That purse is a hoot, what fun that will be to carry!!!

Those blankets are the neatest new thing around, lucky you!! Those suckers aren't cheap to have made.

Nancy said...

Hey my sons go to Moeller! They are in the band, so I have been to many football and basketball games, we have probably been in the same room many times!!