Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blanket in a Bag

JoAnn's had all their fleece half price this past week and saw this adorable pink fabric so I grabbed it and some hot pink flannel to make a blanket in a bag for my niece who is expected to arive in May. I made the same type of blanket for my son when he was a baby and it was very handy to keep in the car so I always had a blanket for him to sit / lay on when I made unexpected stops.

The polar fleece side:

Close up of the polar fleece:

The flannel side of the blanket which shows the "bag" and the strap:

And here is the blanket folded up into the bag:


monica said...

What a neat idea and a great baby gift. I love the color.

stickchick said...

cute fleece and it looks great all folded up. That will be a much appreciated gift!!

Debbie said...

Love the idea for a baby gift. I can see where it sure would come in handy!