Saturday, March 31, 2007

More Birthday Surprises

This was definitely the birthday that won't end!! I went out to dinner with my family the night of my birthday. We ate at Bravo (love that place!) and I received some very nice presents. My oldest daughter is the most considerate person when it comes to gifts. She puts a lot of thought into picking presents that the recipient will love and this year was no exception. She found some adorable martini-themed goodies (shirt and purse pictured here) along with a beautiful skirt and lots of other fun things. I also received some books and a JoAnne's gift card.

In more martini news... My friend Ann gave me the most adorable martini glasses and purse. I wish I had thought to take a picture before I opened the package because it was beautiful! It had loads of hot pink and lime green ribbons and tissue - she is very creative when it comes to wrapping (unlike me who slaps a gift in a gift bag minutes before giving it to someone!) The picture of the glasses is lousy but one has shoes (another favorite of mine!) on it and the other has flirty eyes painted on it. Very adorable!

In the pile of mail I faced last night when I arrived home was a tan pick-up slip from the post office. I rushed over this morning and lo and behold it was a birthday package from Melissa! It was filled with all kinds of fun surprises - yarn and a pattern book for dishclothes, some bamboo yarn that I've been wanting to try and the Mini-Clapotis pattern, a sheep tape measure and lots of other fun goodies. Thank you so much, Melissa for the fabulous package AND more importantly, for thinking of me on my birthday!



stickchick said...

You are SOOO welcome!! I'm just relieved the dang thing FINALLY came!! Looks like you had a rockin' birthday, and I can't think of nicer person either!!

Debbie said...

Look at all those presents!! Great gifts. Martini shirt is too cute!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday and go BUCKS - basketball!

Jane said...

Belated Happy Birthday Bonnie! Hmmm - seems you like martinis a lot! Very thoughtful daughters. And thoughtful husband too. I used to think gift cards were too impersonal - but I love them now. So much fun to buy whatever you want with no guilt - because you have to use the gift card - right!

ck said...

Happy Birthday!