Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kids for sale - Two for one if you act fast

Ahhhh, I'm feeling the love.....

Phone conversation with Kid #1 - Age 16

Charming Daughter: Do I have time to go buy an outfit for Monday's job interview at the restaurant?
Mom the Money Machine: If you hurry. Look for a pair of black pants. Very versatile.
Charming Daughter: Will you give me the money for them and a top?
Mom the Money Machine: No, I just gave you your clothing allowance last week.
Charming Daughter: But this is for a job interview. I HAVE to buy this.
Mom the Money Machine: Sorry. That's what the clothing allowance is for.
Charming Daughter: You're so UNFAIR. Click.

Phone conversation with Kid #2 - Age 12

Charming Son: Can you come pick me up from the ice rink now?
Mom the Wheels: I'll be there in five minutes.

Second Call, one minute later:

Mom the Wheels: Stepdad is out running errands. He'll swing by and pick you up but it will be in 15 minutes, not five.
Mom the Wheels: No, darling son, I'm not kidding. You will have to wait ten more minutes.
Charming Son: Great. Thanks a lot. Click.

Is it too early for Happy Hour? Don't answer. That was a rhetorical question.


autum said...

I can so feel your pain. If you find any buyers send them my way, I have two I'd be willing to sell, 19 and 17.

Debbie said...


My own precious dears are plenty.

stickchick said...

Why, oh why did that sound sooo familiar??? Hmmm, because I have charming 13yr old son. Scary!!

Let's go get some hot cocoa and a brownie together at Borders and commiserate together. Or let's just leave the kids at the mall and see if they find their ways home!! Better!!