Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're "taking a break"

My peasant top and I are not seeing eyelet-to-eyelet eye-to-eye so we're going to take a little break and see how much we really care about each other. I received some good ideas from my sewing friends to try out on the peasant but I need a little rest before I go down that road.

So instead, I shifted gears and I'm trying a summer dress. Vogue 8574 to be specific, the short one shown here in an incredibly ugly color.

We're leaving tomorrow with a small group of friends for a weekend motorcycle trip down to Louisville. We're going to Churchill Downs tomorrow night and apparently, there is a "South Beach" theme so I need a flirty dress. A tropical print probably makes the most sense but instead I am going to try out this geometric print rayon that I picked up at Vogue Fabrics during PR Weekend. The colors are awesome and I love the print.

Lee had this fabric first so I stalked her followed her around waiting for her to have some cut so I could see if there was enough for me, too. Somehow she eluded me and I later found it back in the inventory and grabbed it up. Lee must have known I was on to her because she snapped this photo of me checking out the bolt.

If I don't get the Vogue done tonight, I'll pack this one that I made for the cruise last year instead:

A knit dress will certainly travel better than a rayon dress in a motorcycle tour pack anyway!


SissySees said...

Hope the top behaves when it comes out of time-out. In the meantime, I'm loving the dress to be and that pink one! Have a great time, whichever dress goes along.

Debbie Cook said...

I like that Vogue dress! I think I actually like the color too. lol But your print is gorgeous!