Saturday, January 05, 2008

Uh oh, Am I getting old? Say it ain't so.

My 13 year old son is making dinner right now - Schezuan Chicken to be exact. One of the ingredients is chicken broth. The electric can opener was behind the mixer and hard to get to so I handed him an opener similar to the one pictured above to open the can of broth.

He looked at it like it was some complicated piece of equipment; held it next to the can; paused and then said, "What am I supposed to do with this?" LOL. I showed him how it worked and then launched into a "when I was a kid" story about how metal soda and juice cans did not always come with the openers built right in.

BTW, I googled it to find a picture and found out that kind of opener is called a "church key opener." Who knew?

1/6/08 Edited
Well.... my son had all the ingredients measured out and ready to go. Then his buddies showed up and they got distracted with the newest Xbox 360 game. They ate leftover pizza and all the ingredients went back in the fridge for tonight's dinner. He really does like to cook. I bought one of Sandra Lee's "semi-homemade" cookbooks for him. Not as manly as Emeril or Bobby Flay but her recipes are definitely more in line with what he likes to eat. He and his buddies made bacon, eggs and homemade waffles for breakfast this morning!

Now.... if I could only train him to cook for me every night. hee hee.


Angela said...

I knew that it was called a church key! I've always called it that and people look at me like I have two heads or something!

I remember opening the big ole cans of Hi-C with those. I can almost taste it now. LOL! in the world do you convince a 13 year old to cook such a yummy dinner?? That's the real question.

designdreamer said...

I too knew the name - probably because dh has called it that in the past. My kids wouldn't know what to do with it either! And I too want to know how you get a 13 yo (MALE, no less!) to cook such a yummy AND complicated meal! I get nervous just letting my 11 yo around the microwave.

gaylen said...

That's funny Bonnie! We don't even have an electric can open - we have the turn handle ones. In fact I put one in The Musical One's sock for Christmas - somehow she bought soup without the pop top and was unable to eat it - sad :(

KnittyNancy said...

It is very impressive that your son cooks such wonderful dinners! Who would think that they wouldn't know about a non-electric can/bottle opener? I've known kids that did not know about manual car windows.