Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yarn Inventory - Ebay sale

I took some time this weekend to sort and organize my yarn stash. Even though I have way more yarn than I need (CottonEase out the wazoo!!!!!), I am still reluctant to part with most of it. I did identify a few "lots" that I am going to try to sell on ebay. If you're interested, take a look:

Linie 95 Summer Mistral – Purple/Red 6 skeins

Cascade 128 Tweed 6 skeins #7610 purpley magenta

Classic Elite Star – Pink # 5189 6 Skeins

Classic Elite Fame Rayon Silk 2+ skeins – purple / blue

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed #01 Black 2 skeins

1/19/07 WOO HOO! SOLD IT ALL!!

1 comment:

monica said...

Now you have some extra room for a little more. That is how it works here anyway.