Wednesday, January 03, 2007

60 percent

Yesterday was arm liberation day. Yes, my Christmas present to me (see the bows!) was removed. (Before you ask... yes, my arm was supposed to be cast that way.)

I had high hopes for liberation day. I'd be chopping and cooking again; I'd be knitting again; I'd be sewing again; I'd wear jewelry again; I would even go back to hooking my bra in the back!! But no.... I was scammed! Scammed, I'm telling you! I have less mobility in my arm/hand than when the cast was on and my whole arm hurts like hell again!!!!! I popped a vicodin last night for the first time in four weeks.

See those little green thingamabobs? That's the pins Doctor Torture hammered into my wrist and arm to secure the bones. Those little lovelies cost $13,000!!!! Plus, $1500 for Doctor Torture's 30 minutes in the operating room.

The final picture illustrates how attractive my hand looks today. It's swollen, scaley, discolored and wrinkly, all at the same time. Nice!

Oh... and the 60 percent? That's the scam. Doctor Torture informed me yesterday I'm only 60% healed, right on schedule. What the heck?????? Two weeks in the brace, then an undetermined number of weeks in physical therapy. So much for applying eyeliner any time soon.


Jennifer said...

oh man - i'm so sorry about the big scam...that totally sucks!

hope everything gets to healing as quickly as possible...i know it would kill me to be in your position : (

Karyn said...

Oh Dear Bonnie...all I can say is I can relate. I fell 3 years ago and shattered my elbow (which I had to have replaced) and broke my arm in 4 places. I know you don't want to hear this but it was a very very slow recovery. I'm sure in the long run all will be fine, but it just takes tons of time!

allegra918 said...

So sorry things aren't healing as quickly as you hoped. I do like the bow though!

Anonymous said...

oh bummer about your arm!! I know you were ready to get back to 'normal'!! All I can say is milk it for for everything you can and find a good physical therapist who uses knitting as his/her main therapy!!!