Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Grease - You're the One That I Want

So those of you who view regularly know I'm a closet reality TV watcher. Yeah, the kind that sheepishly admits I love to watch real life people on TV rather than sitcoms or dramas. Well, how cool is this.... One of my BEST FRIENDS in the world, Linda, has a daughter on the new Grease show!!!! Her name is Kate Rockwell and she is spectacular!!

Here is her picture (yeah, it's teeny tiny but I stole it from the website!):

So people, go watch her!!!! You can actually watch the episode on the NBC website or it will be replayed on Super Bowl Sunday. Last Sunday was the first show where contestants performed and Kate was declared to have the "best voice of all contestants" by the judges. She received huge applause from the audience while she performed. WATCH and VOTE!! Linda and my other best friend will be in the audience for the next live show (pooh! I'll be visiting my parents and can't go with.)


Janice said...

WOW!! How exciting is that?? I'm going to try and catch it. Bummer you can't be with them!!

monica said...

ihCongrats to your friend and her daughter, that is exciting. The rice pudding in the previous post looks yummy.