Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend Knitting / Crafting

Last night, we celebrated my friends Linda and Paula's birthdays with a grill-out at our house. For my friend Linda who is a fellow knitter (she actually taught me to knit), I made her two dishclothes and a knitting tote. The reason I chose a bee motif may be found here (in the picture on the lower left, Linda is the one on the far right) and the reason for the martini one... well, we both love martinis!

Linda and I painted martini glasses and a martini pitcher with bees on it for our friend Paula. I forgot to take a picture of the glasses and pitcher, darn it! I also gave her the book Marley and Me which you MUST read if you love dogs!

Dinner was fresh tomato bruschetta, Tonga burgers (burgers marinated in a zesty marinade), german potato salad, caesar salad with homemade caesar dressing and anchovies, and carrot cake. And martinis, of course!

In other weekend craftiness, I finished the front of the baby dress for my co-worker. Actually, i stil have to finish embroidering the flowers on the pocket and sew the pockets on. I am knitting this from my Cotton-Ease stash. The pattern is Anouk from Knitty.

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