Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bee Party

Last night, I co-hosted a 10th anniversary party for our Blue Ash Bees group. What fun! There was a trivia game, a costume contest and a bee-themed gift exchange. The two smaller group pictures show the original group ten years ago (I'm the one squatting down with the red sweater in the old photo) and then again, last night. We arranged everyone in the same order. We haven't aged a bit!!

The other group picture includes some of the newer members. Check out the bee cake. The felted purse is what I gave in the exchange. I took home some adorable tea towels (which I stole from someone else in the Chinese gift exchange!) Also pictured are my friends Linda and Nina who were the other hosts.

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vegasangelbrat said...

So this is the "Bee" I didn't see Yeh, little Love your blog, have been going backwards and just love the pix's of the family!! Nice looking one too!!