Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dishcloth fun

Why oh why, when I have so many sweaters and other projects in the works am I distracting myself with dishcloths? BECAUSE THEY'RE QUICK AND FUN!! The yellow one I have pictured here is my oldest unfinished item. I started it in December 2004! right after I learned how to knit. You can see how the bottom white sections are wrong. I wasn't slipping stitches correctly. I decided to pick it back up recently to finish it. I'm not going to bother to fix it cuz... well.... cuz I'm going to wash dishes with it! I found this in a Leisure Arts Booklet that my mom bought me when I was learning to knit. It is called something like "I can't believe I'm knitting." The second cloth in neon green with accents in yellow, turquoise is the famous Mason Dison warshrag which I've also read was a pattern originally on the Sugar 'n Cream (or maybe Peaches 'n Cream) label. It is really a clever design and I can see why people like it so much.

If you like dishcloths too, perhaps you'll join this blog or this group. Meet other people who find making dishcloths addictive.

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