Sunday, August 20, 2006

Asian Purse

I love this purse. It's a pattern from the book Bag Boutique by Amy Barickman. I believe the name of the pattern is Rachel. I made it to send to someone in Tote Exchange I who appears to have been stiffed. It's not exactly a felted bag like she was probaby expecting but I hope she likes it. I hope to make another one for myself because I like the design so much. The flap is a fake opening. The bag actually has a zipper in the back. Neato, huh?

I found this fabric about a year ago as well as the bead trim to match. I just love it and hope I have enough left to make a little evening bag or something for myself.

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cher said...

Pretty purse! The bag you left a comment about is called "The Garden Party Bag" from Noni. I did the luscious ruffle version and decided against the flowers.Even felted they were almost as big as the purse. I may use them on a large tote or satchel. thanks for dropping in.