Saturday, May 27, 2006

I finished one bag today

The finished size is approx. 15" wide (at the top) and 9 " high. Quite a roomy bag actually. I used McCall's Pattern 5082 and some nice cotton madras. I used a magnetic closure and some bamboo handles that I happened to have in my sewing room. Not sure if I'm loving the fluffy trim but I wanted to experiment on techniques. I suspect one of my daughters will like it.

Total sewing time was about an hour. I think I'll be able to cut that down substantially on the next one now that I've familarized myself with the construction.

I ended up fusing interfacing to the back of all the pattern pieces so they'll hold up for a while. Tomorrow I plan to sew a yellow bag in the rectangular shape - lemon print fabric and lime green lining embellished with grosgrain. It will be for my mom when I visit her next month. She loves yellow and it will make a nice size tote for her knitting projects.

Total Cost:
Handles $5
Madras $1
Pink Lining $2
Pink Trim $1
Magnet closure $1
Interfacing $1

Total $11

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your bag turned out so cute.. love love love it.. I would make one.. but I stare at my sewing machine like its the devil..I can barely handsew let alone use the machine..Guess its me and knitting all the way.. Great job on the bag!!!