Saturday, February 17, 2007

Time for a Springy Dress

After the last few weeks of snow, ice and daytime high temperatures in the teens, I'm ready for spring. According to my husband, we have received another 3-4 inches and it's supposed to snow for the next 18-24 hours. (I'm in Atlanta where it's a balmy 45 degrees.)

So, I do what I do everytime I'm at one of these cheerleading competitions and I'm bored.... I get online and buy stuff!!! First, I added to my knitting needle collection with an order to Knitpicks. And of course, I overbought to make sure I got the "free" shipping for orders over $45. (BTW, if they have a promotion for free shipping on orders of any size at the moment, do not tell me.)

Then, I purchased supplies for a new dress. I purchased a cute halter dress pattern from McCall's (free shipping and all patterns $6.99 through end of day today and some Kaufman fabric from I'm picturing the black / pink polka dot for the main fabric and the pink will be the bodice lining. I may also make some pink piping. Cute, yes? Here's what it will look like:


autum said...

Yes! Very cute! I love the pink/black combo.

stickchick said...

oooh, very pretty!! Love the color combo!! Now with all your shopping, hop over to and grap some bamboo or silk for a pretty pink shawl to go over your shoulders!!
(sorry, I just bought a bag to make the claptosis so I'm all in the mood for pink bamboo, I'm not affiliated, only addicted)

Debbie said...

Hey, love that pattern. Fabrics are perfect, too. Might just have to check that out.

Janice said...

Love the fabric and pattern!! Won't it be nice when it is warm enough to wear it??? It's been a LONG cold snap! Been thinking I need to do a Knitpicks order as well....Thanks for the reminder ;-)