Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sewing and the pups

Back to work after four days off. Tough to do! I'm up to my eyeballs in proposals - not my favorite part of my job to say the least. Anyhoo, I'm taking a quick break to woof down a baked potato and thought I'd post some random photos.

My oldest daughter is a big Bengals fan and talked me into buying Bengals polar fleece last fall to make Herschel a dog bed for his kennel. The fabric sat in a bag all this time even though my daughter and son have been bugging me to make the bed. Well, for whatever reason, last night was the night. It was a quick sew project. I added some batting in between the two layers of polar fleece and then quilted the bottom. (Doesn't my dog's nose look hysterical in the bottom photo? It reminds me of those greeting cards with the exaggerated facial features on animals.)

Also recently, middle daughter made one of the polar fleece blankets where you cut strips and tie them together all round. The fleece was adorable; The pink fabric is polar fleece with rainbow ribbon sewed all over it and the green was a plush fleece. Once again, Herschel had to get in the picture. My dogs LOVE blankets!

The following pictures show a very old project. Specifically, this is a blanket I made when my son was a baby - he's now almost 13 - but now, the blanket belongs to the dogs. My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in May and I think I'll make one for them using some cute flannel. All I did was pick a front fabric and coordinated backing and one letter of batting in between. I just did the little tied "quilting" but if you're a quilter, you could just as easily do that. As you can see, the blanket folds into a bag. I remember keeping the blanket in my car for those unplanned events. I have no idea what Martini is sniffing!

Finally, a picture of my brother and my daughter taken at last weekend's cheerleading competition. (Debbie, he's the "good" one!)


Debbie said...

I can tell he's the good one. I see that "hi mom" banner he's holding. I'm related to one of those "good ones" too.

The cheerleader is beautiful. She looks like you! Although I'll give you big bucks if you wear that outfit out in public!

Love all the doggy photos and can't believe you drove 7 hours home and made dog beds????? What happy puppies you have at your house!

monica said...

Love the doggy photos, they are so cute. Your daughter is beautiful.

blanket in a bag? said...

You could totally market the blanket in the bag - what a great idea. people have made millions on worse ideas than that (i just heard about someone who produces plastic wish-bones... and they're like hot cakes).

Judy said...

Your daughter is georgeous!