Sunday, June 26, 2005

Knitters are such nice people!

In my short knitting phase, I have met the nicest people who are knitters. Some I've "met" online and have always been so impressed with the number of people who are willing to share their time to help a fellow knitter with a request. Others I've met in person through a pop-up knitting group. Great group of people that I never would have met if we didn't share an interest in knitting.

So why am I gushing? Well, I just finished wrapping the first package to send off to my secret pal for SP5 I had emailed Bob (one of the people in my knitting group) to see if I could order some of his gorgeous stitch markers to send to my secret pal and mentioned that my SP liked fairies and the color purple (among other things.) So check out the photo..... Bob finds a cute little votive with a fairy on it in the color purple and picks it up for me! And then, his partner Jeff makes me an adorable little fairy from wire and silk flowers. Are they too nice, or what???? I'm sure my SP will love them, too!
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Laura said...

Jeff's fairies are adorable! (yeah...knitters are an amazingly generous and fun group.)
Your Soleil looks divine! You gonna come on a Tuesday for show 'n tell??
And...looking around my room shows evidence of another case of CEHD. only 18 balls.)
miss ya!

Bob in Cincy said...

And if you show up on Tuesday with your "Soleil", maybe I can help out a little. :-)

Some candles, fairy votive holders, some kitty stitch markers...and a little bit of single crochet too!

So show up, and I'll show off my finished Blush Manos del Uruguay Purse (pre-felted, of course!--it's planning on getting felted on Wednesday). I'll also bring the Wine and Tickled-Pink bag, the Noro iPod Sleeve, and Phoenix sock -- all in states of progress.

Bob in Cincy

Bonnie D. said...

I was hoping you'd say that! My Soleil and I will be there.

Looking forward to seeing your projects.

Kathy said...

How cute is that fairy!! I agree -- knitters are great :) Can't wait to see your Soleil (I'm stalled at the crochet.)