Sunday, June 26, 2005

I have CEHD!!!!

"What is CEHD", you ask? It's an acronym for Cotton Ease Hoarding Disorder and it is reaching epidemic proportions across the country! Two weeks ago, I was blindly wandering through life happy as a clam, unaware of something called Lion Brand Cotton Ease Yarn. And then, like a lightening bolt, I was hit with the news...... "Lion Brand is discontinuing Cotton Ease!!!"

Immediately, like the run on the banks before the depression, knitters across the country poured into unsuspecting Tuesday Morning, JoAnn Fabric and Hancock Fabric stores to snatch up this unheard of but apparently, very valuable yarn!!! Savvy knitter and shopper that I am, I scored a bunch (see photo!) I even took time out of my vacation to hit the stores!

Back home, feeling smug and satisfied, I surrounded myself with my treasures. And then it hit me! What the hell am I going to do with all this yarn? I don't even like cotton yarn!!!! OH DEAR LORD - I HAVE...... CEHD!!!!
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Mz Mar said...

I cracked up when I read your post! I also ran to Tuesday Morning to get the cotton ease I "had to have" for what? I have no idea!
I only bought 6~~I was in control~but I went back for 6 more!

Lynette said...

Hi Bonnie! That's hilarious. I have that disorder also. You did good. I just found your blog and I'm linking to it.